Better Mullet than Dead!

It’s a little fuzzy. My head, that is. Not the word recall or short-term memory kind of fuzzy. That, thankfully, has all but resolved. No, I’m talking about my hair. It’s now gotten to that awkward place since half of it was shaved off for my brain surgery. It’s sticking straight up like a cheap shag rug. Like a baby orangutan. Do you get the picture? I know, it’s not a good look.

I have an honest-to-goodness cowlick!

At dinner the other night, I guess I hadn’t done a very good job managing my hair before sitting down at the table. Daughter Megan had an accepting but curious look on her face. Daughter Wendy almost immediately turned her face away from me, her hand rising to her mouth. Maybe a delicate burp? Nope! I could see her shoulders rhythmically rising and falling. She was laughing!

“Mom, Mom! From this side you look like you have a mullet!”

Oh, my gosh, she just broke my achy breaky heart!

Just kidding. I can still laugh at myself.

I recently saw my hair during the sports segment of the local news. I felt kind of famous! If you want my hair, tell your stylist you want “a full-on Mike Gundy.” I have a “half Mike Gundy.” And if you don’t live in Oklahoma, or you don’t know who Mike Gundy is, be sure to look him up. He’s Billy Ray Cyrus with an OSU visor.

I don’t have anyone’s support on this, but I’ve seriously considered shaving the other side of my head. I’ve asked my son-in-law if he wants to join me. His hair is cut with a razor and he says I’m likely a No. 9. Who knew? I’d rather be a 10 but a 9 isn’t too shabby!

So, I look like a college football head coach and I’m a 9. That’s okay. Even if I have a mullet of sorts, at least I didn’t die with a shaved head!

Oh, and did I mention I have a freaking cowlick??


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